2018 Minutes

January 29, 2018 Meeting Minutes 

Meeting Called to order at 12:05 pm

I. Introductions and Recap:

  1. Guest Speaker: Natalie Asemi, Senator of Science and Technology
    1. New Information from Student Government:
      1. Tuition Increase
        1. $278 increase beginning Fall 2018
          1. Campaign to stop the increase: Date and Time TBA
        2. Revision of GE pattern
          1. This will not affect the students now but will affect the Fall 2018 incoming class
        3. North Bay Science Challenge
        4. Mentoring Program
          1. STEM for young girls
      2. Information will be emailed to Sweden.
  2. Introduce new officers
  3. Mi Futuro event recap

II. Officer Reports:

  1. Goals for club from each officer:
    1. President:
      1. More involvement from the pre-nursing students by providing more events and helping them with getting into the nursing program.
    2. Vice President:
      1. What do we really need in our chapter from all levels of our participants.
    3. Secretary:
      1. New look of the website.
    4. Merchandise:
      1. Advertise one product a month.
    5. Events:
      1. More than one event a month.
    6. Mentorship:
      1. Bringing the relationship between the Santa Rosa Junior College Students and the Sonoma State Students closer to help the SRJC students find the resources and help they need.
  2. Treasurer’s report: bank account balance: $3727.18
    1. Cash in the cash box: $85
  3. Any news or updates from other officers
    1.  President:
      1. Social Chair elected:
        1. Andrea Leffew
      2. Boards in Darwin need to be updated
        1. If you have any pictures from the year then please send them to Sweden.
      3.  Orgsync
        1. Club membership information is on there.
        2. Bylaws are on there.
    2.  VP:
      1. Honor Cords
        1. Hours needed for the honor cords are now doubled.
        2. Google Doc for keeping track of the hours.
    3. Events:
      1. Lobo’s Fundraiser on February 5th, 2018 starting at 5 pm!

III. Advisor Reports:

  1. Any news or updates form Dr. Wilkosz
    1. No report

IV. New Business:

  1. Spring Club Fair:
    1. Wednesday, February 7th from 12-1:30pm
    2. 3-4 volunteers:
      1.  Emily
      2. Paul
      3. Andrew
      4. Paige
  2. Possible Q&A for Prelicensure BSN applicants, if interested
    1. Sweden will be stopping by the pre-nursing classes to promote another possible Q&A
  3. Sonoma Serves:
    1. Volunteer event that involves Sonoma State students and they go out into Sonoma County and volunteer with different organizations
  4. Geek Week:
    1. We need a representative to go to planning meetings each week up until  Geek Week.
    2. Meetings are on Fridays at 12pm
  5. Expanding Your Horizons:
    1. Saturday, April 14th
    2. 3-4 volunteers needed
      1.  Devyn
      2. Jessica Hemenway
      3.  Amby
      4.  Forrest
  6. NSNA Convention:
    1. “Nursing: Get Hooked! Insight, Inspiration, Ingenuity” — April 4th– 8th in Nashville, Tennessee.
    2. Volunteers from the Senior Class will be representing us.

V. Announcements:

  1. Meetings are at 12pm on: 1/29, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/7 in the Alexander Valley Room
  2. Ask to join Nursing Club on Sonoma Sync through your SSU account
  3. CNSA/NSNA Membership:
    1. Join NSNA at https://nsnamembership.org/
  4. Check out our Facebook group and our website for any new updates! www.ncssu.com

VI. Open Forum:

  1. Open to discussion for all members and officers
  2. Suggestions on meetings/ideas for the chapter for the future:
      1. Pre-Nursing Mentors with Nursing Students
      2. Q&A’s were helpful for the pre-nursing folks
      3. Group advising for pre-nursing students about classes, etc with Mary Ellen
      4. More guest speakers from different specialties
      5. “Ask Me About Nursing” buttons

Thank you and have a great day!