2021 Minutes

Sonoma State Nursing Student Association

Agenda: April 21st, 2021, Zoom Meeting, 1pm

Meeting commenced 1302

Dr. Napoli not present at this meeting

  1. Hi Everyone, thank you for coming to the fourth meeting of the semester!
  2. Graduation and Leadership Cords
    • CNSA cords have arrived yesterday
    • NSNA cords expected delivery date is April 23rd
    • Drive through pick up station on campus Sunday May 2nd from 1000 to 1200
      • Waiting to hear back from AS exactly where on campus, so stay tuned.
      • Feel free to have a designated senior pick up for you if you can’t make it that day. Just communicate it to me so I know who to give them to.
      • If you absolutely can’t make it May 2nd I can set up another drive through pick up for graduation day May 22nd.
      • If you have any questions please feel free to email me at raneyk@sonoma.edu
  3. Meetings Next Semester
    • Will remain on zoom for monthly member meetings
    • Third Wednesdays of the month at 6pm (except for December which will be the second Wednesday due to end of semester)
  4. Merchandise: Olivia Angell Madden
    • Keep a look out for a link to purchase t-shirts and sweatshirts soon.
      • Second survey with price, size charts for ordering merch. Will be open for 2-3 weeks, we’ll see.
    • There will also be another round of merch in the fall.
  5. Hours
    • Friendly reminder to be keeping track of your SSNSA hours to turn into Ana Salazar in December
  6. Any updates from Dr. Napoli?
    • Not present at this meeting.
  7. Any updates, questions, or comments?
    • Ana: who to give the Padlet to? associated students, Ana doesn’t have contact info. Katie R has at least one contact. Ana is wondering whether to give to the family together with a picture of the plaque or contact them intermittently. having it all together may be nice, but there is some factor to get things out for as soon as we can. There seemed to be more support for giving everything together.
    • Associated students as been backlogged for Luis’ pins. Paperwork was processed last week, hopefully we can move forward from there.
    • Taylor: next semester, table at “Big Night.” but not sure if this will happen this year. if this is happening we would need to plan a little over the summer. Katie suggests being in contact with Michael Dominguez. would require planning ahead of time. need to fill out RUFUS form, engage form. it’s up to us.
  8. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and have a great day!
  9. Next Meeting May 5th at 1pm! change from May 12th to avoid conflicting with finals week. Katie will post on fb page

Meeting adjourned 1312.


Sonoma State Nursing Student Association

Agenda: March 17th, 2021, Zoom Meeting, 1pm

  1. Meeting commenced 1300
  2. Hi Everyone, thank you for coming to the third meeting of the semester!
  3. North Bay Science Discovery Day
    • Thank you to Ana Salazar and Taylor White for helping coordinate and present the hand hygiene activity and discussion at the NBSDD.
  4. New Grad Night Q&A
    • Thank you to our Class of 2020 New Grad Panelists, Caeli, Kaitlin, Jasmine, and Waymey for all your insight!
  5. Pre-Nursing Guest Speaker Q&A Night March 29th at 6pm
    • The Monday following spring break
    • Current SSU BSN students will be available to answer any questions you may have and chat about their experience in the program.
  6. Luis Cid Memorial Pin Fundraiser
  7. Memorial plaque chosen via Facebook poll
    •  Blue option chosen
    • Collecting Funds
      • Also collecting donations
      •  Need to figure out Venmo
      • Any remaining funds not used for the plaque will be donated to Luis’ family
      • We’re working on a way to collect orders/donations, keep an eye out for instruction to come soon!
    • Distributing Pins in April/May
      • Depending on current COVID tier will decide how we accomplish this. We will keep you posted on the plan once we get closer to it.
      • Right now it’s looking like we can do no contact drive through pickup, will see as the date gets closer.
  8. Luis Cid Memorial Beach Clean Up Day
    • April 11th 1-4pm
    • Location: Salmon Creek Beach, or any waterway that works for you based on your schedule and social distancing preferences.
      • If people aren’t able to make it for whatever reason, you can go to any waterway.
    • Masks are required and 6ft of distancing recommended.
    • At Salmon Creek, we will be providing gloves, water, and hand sanitizer.
    • We will be cataloging our trash collection efforts on the Clean Swell App.
      • Download the app then select “Start Collecting”
      • Plug in the date, the number of people in your group and the group name
      • Group name: Luis’ Beach Clean Up
        •  https://oceanconservancy.org/trash-free-seas/international-coastal-cleanup/cleans well/  
        • Katie will post a step by step guide on FB page, and can also walk through on the day of. Helps show the type of trash, location, people. At the end we can look through the app to assess our impact.
        • Water, hand sanitizer, masks required
        • Questions, comments?
          • Taylor will get there early to help set up. will also need volunteers after to help clean up. bring trash to Sonoma state. Alyssa and Amelia volunteered to help clean up.
  9. Any updates from Dr. Napoli?
    • Rachel is running intro to nutrition over the summer. prereq to many other nursing programs if anyone is interested.
  10. Any updates, questions, or comments from the group at large
    • Padlet is still open. Rachel sent to Diane Blehyl at HDH and she will distribute to Luis’s coworkers.
  11. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and have a great day!
    • Next Meeting April 21st at 1pm!

Meeting adjourned 1315 hours.

Sonoma State Nursing Student Association Zoom Meeting: February 17th, 2021

Meeting commenced at 1302 hrs.

  1. Hi Everyone, thank you for coming to the second meeting of the semester!
  2. Some updates about what we discussed last meeting:
    • We are pulling together a fundraiser in Luis’s honor, I will let Alyssa, our fundraising director, talk more about that.
      • As of now, the pin has been designed, and Alyssa has been in contact with the production company. at this point
      • Our next steps are to send the order information and payment, then proceed with production.
      • 40 people surveyed showed interest in purchasing pins, including Luis’s former coworkers. Many poeple stated that they were interested in buying more than one. Several people showed interest in simply donating money.
      • The money will be spent on a plaque for the new sim lab (estimated cost: $100), and any remaining money will be donated to Luis’s family.
      • There is also discussion of a dine and donate fundraiser. The funds raised from this event would also contribute to the plaque and to Luis’s family. There are no solid plans established for this event yet.
      • The nurisng department is working on donating a bench in Luis’s name and plans to give a posthumous certificat to his family at graduation.
      • A motion was proposed to spend $334 on purchasing 100 pins for the Luis memorial fundraiser. All members voted in favor. None opposed. None abstained. Motion passed.
      • There was debate over how much sell each pin for. We need to run the numbers on what our profits would look like to do $8 vs $10 per pin. No final conclusion was reached. This has no impact on the production cost of the pins, so the club voted to place the order and decide the sellin cost later on.
      • Ther was some discussion about advertising the event to incentivize people to purchase pins.
    • We are also working on putting together a Volunteer Day of Service in Luis’s honor as well. That will be coordinated by Taylor White, our volunteer director.
      • Contact Katie or Taylor to coordinate/plan this event if you are interested.
    • Stay tuned for updates of specific dates.
    • There is also a Padlet that was posted to the SSNSA Facebook page as a place for people to write memories, share condolences, and post photos of Luis.
      • The page will close on February 28th and will be translated to Spanish and shared with his family.
  3. There is also an opportunity to be involved in the North Bay Science Discovery Day
    • A STEM event for 4th-8th grade students
    • Saturday, March 13th from 9 am -6 pm (specific time slot to be determined, has not yet been assigned)
    • Plan is to live stream present a hand hygiene activity for kids to do at home for a 30-minute timeslot.
    • I would love to get some volunteers for choreographing the activity presentation and film editing.
      • If you are interested in hearing more about this event or about getting involved please reach out to me, Ana, or Taylor.
      • Participating in this event is a great way to add hours!
  4. Based on the poll from Facebook, we noticed a greater interest in the Pre-nursing Q&A Night and the New Grad Q&A Night, so we are going to move forward with planning those nights and circle back to the other options when those are done.
    • Taylor will also post a poll for volunteer ideas in memory of Luis.
    • If you are interested in being a speaker or know anyone who might be interested, please reach out to Danielle or Sarah for the Pre-Nursing Night, and reach out to Katie for the New Grad Night.  
  5. Speaking ofpolls, Katie did a general availability poll on Facebook for scheduling future events for SSNSA.
    • If you have not completed the poll yet, please do so that we can try to schedule things when the most people can make it.
    • So far it looks like Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday evenings are the top availabilities.
  6. We also wanted to let you all out some events coming up provided by SSU and CNSA
    • One coming up was just emailed from Ana Valdez: Dr. Piri Ankerman-Barger will be presenting the topic of Racism and Cultural Humility in Nursing on March 1st at 4pm
      • Link: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://SonomaState.zoom.us/j/84408704720&sa=D&source=calendar&usd=2&usg=AOvVaw07z6KW2gJSWxTVRZVpL4Gy
    • Another event that is coming up this weekend is a seminar put on by CNSA this Saturday, February 20th from 10 am to 11 am called Maintaining Emotional Wellness in Nursing School.
      • This is a webinar about stress and self-care techniques for nursing students and nurses.
    • Katie will post these links on the NSA Facebook page.
  7. Are there any updates or announcements from the Board Members
    • Danielle: will pst poll for pre-nursing Q&A event on group Facebook page.
    • Sarah: Is there a possibility of hosing events on Sunday afternoon/earlier in the day instead of in the evenings?
      • Sarah will conduct a doodle poll/other poll based on when majority of people are available. She will also repost mentor surveys on FB tomorrow afternoon.
  8. Any updates from Dr. Napoli?
    • Matt Marshall (alumnus) has been interested in working on bolstering alumni participation.
    • He is looking to possibly expand be1support, a global nursing mentorship network locally to new grads. He may be in touch with Katie to look for speakers and involved in later meetings.
      • Global nursing mentorship network: https://www.be1support1.com/
  9. Any updates, questions, or comments from the group at large?
    • Amelia: inquired about possibility of volunteering at vaccine. clinics. However, nursing students require instructor oversight.
      • The current clinic at Rancho Cotate High School is looking for volunteers. Dr. Kelly, the public health organizer, has coordinated the senior nursing students to work at this clinic as part of their public health rotation.
      • Check with Dr. Kelly to see if NSA could volunteer at this clinic as well.
    • Katie has completed application for constituency for the chapter.
  10. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and have a great day!
    • Next Meeting March 17th at 1pm!

Meeting adjourned between 1340-1350. Exact adjournment time not noted.


Sonoma State Nursing Student Association: January 27, 2021, Zoom Meeting

Meeting commenced: 1300h

  1. Hi Everyone, and welcome to the first SSNSA meeting of the semester!
    • I would like to start with some quick housekeeping things since this is our first meeting and then we have some important and saddening news to discuss afterward.  
  2. So, to start, since the last meeting we got our Secretary in place, thank you Olivia Janku!
  3. We have two remaining positions to be filled, Volunteer Coordinator and Legislative Director.
    • Taylor White has graciously offered to take on the Volunteer Coordinator role.
    • If anyone else is interested in this position I would like you to speak up now and we could plan a vote.
    • If there are no other takers, then I hereby motion to appoint Taylor White to the board position of Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Now I would like to open the floor for anyone who would like to be eligible for the Legislative Director position.
      • Description: recent position added to align with CNSA. The LD writes resolutions for the state convention that can go onto annual convention. These resolutions can be anything related to nursing education. LD also proposes change in nursing education, writes resolutions, and goes to the state meeting, then national meeting. This person would have a team of people interested in writing resolutions and leads this group.
  4. Go around and have board members introduce themselves and they can briefly describe what their role is.
    • President Katie Raney: facilitates meetings, writes agendas, authorizes motions, signs association
    • Vice President Ana Salazar: attendance, keeping track of hours, assists the president
    • Treasurer Lexy Deetken: monitors and reports all finances, signs association papers with the president, keep track of dues, files shop requests for association
    • Secretary/Webmaster Olivia Janku: takes notes during meetings and tracks minutes; updates website with minutes, events, contact info, etc
    • Mentorship Director Sarah O’Malley: assigns incoming class to mentor. Juniors, keep an eye out for surveys on FB for mentors; Seniors, look for surveys regarding experience as mentors
    • Merchandising Director: designs merchandise. surveys incoming members on interest in type of merchandise.
    • Fundraising director Alyssa Duyannen: heads fundraisers for the club
    • Volunteer Coordinator Taylor White: reaches out to local organizations and events to get the club involved in the community
    • Communications Director Sophia Van Leeuwen: manages and updates FB group and Instagram
    • Pre-nursing Liaison Danielle Andaya: bridge of communication between prenursing majors and the association
  5. What this semester will look like:
    • Meetings on Zoom: 1300-1400
      • February 17th
      • March 17th
      • April 21st
      • May 12th
  6. Dues-new members:
    • $5 for CNSA members, $10 for non-CNSA members, ONCE A YEAR
    • You can contact our treasurer Lexy Deetken for details.
  7. Scheduling Pre-nursing Q&As, Discussions, guest speaker nights, over Zoom
    • Would starting a Facebook poll be easy enough to schedule these events when most convenient for people?
  8. Now as some of you probably have heard, Luis Cid Balderas, a junior in the nursing program passed away on his 28th birthday this last Thursday. This has been shocking and heartbreaking news to us all.
  9. I would also like to open the floor now to anyone who has further ideas on how to support his family or any commemorative event ideas in his honor.
    • write thoughts about Luis for ceremony/family
    • fundraise to purchase something in his name for sim lab, plus plaque.
    • website to upload pictures and messages that can be shared with family.  https://padlet.com/salazara10/LuisCidBalderas
    • purchase bench with plaque for university, plant a tree next to it. sitting area near nursing dept location. coordinate with Dr. Valdez. hold off until final decisions of where sim lab will be.
    • pen pal with patients he worked with? although maybe not possible d/t worked in ED and had high patient turnover
    • timing: maybe honor him at upcoming ceremony, or something in both. important to do something this year. decorate cap for Luis and give to family. also honorary degree
    • fundraising ideas:
      • past: Fresno State student. bought something for campus.
      • volunteer day in his name. choose activity to give back to community in his name. write about what you did and why you did it, go into communication for his family. Luis Cid random act of kindness day
      • nursing pins to clip onto stethoscope at graduation https://www.pinterest.com/pin/303218987386580474/sent/?invite_code=6c7bd96065864a0a88f1611584ea381a&sender=392587429925644683&sfo=1
    • collect photos for graduation. Karen Werder oversees pinning, plus Stephanie (hamblins@sonoma.edu) and Emily. get in touch with him with pin for Luis.
    • And if you think of any ideas later feel free to reach out to us either via email, the Facebook page, or the Instagram page.
  10. Any updates from Dr. Napoli?
    • join CNSA/NSNA! great opportunity. annual convention in the fall, will see if it’s in person. NSNA scholarships available. great networking opportunity for nursing community outside Sonoma co.
  11. I also want to remind you all to keep track of your hours!
    • You can find a handy hours sheet to use on the Facebook page. log after every meeting. send to Ana at end of year.
    • These hours are used towards awarding cords upon graduation. Certain amount of hours go toward different graduation cords. 35 for CNSA, 45 for NSNA, board members get leadership cords.
  12. As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
    1. Next Meeting February 17th at 1pm!

Meeting adjourned: 1338h