Frequently Asked Questions:

Authored by Marika Schipper, 2016 Vice President

Those of us who are in the nursing program know how hard it was to go through the pre-nursing process, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that we receive from students as they apply to multiple nursing programs and navigate their way through their pre-requisite classes. These are questions answered by nursing students for future nursing students!


Where do I need to send my transcripts?
For SSU: send the transcripts to NursingCAS.
For other university: look online are call, often times they require transcripts to be sent to the individual nursing schools as well as any application website they may use such as NursingCAS

If I have transcripts from multiple colleges do they all need to be sent in?
Yes, even if the other transcripts have been sent to SSU and appear on your transcript. Transcripts must be provided for every class taken from the college they were taken at.
When and what kind of CPR Certification do I need?
For SSU: a BLS (Basic Life Support) for health care providers certificate is needed, it is recommended to get it as early as possible (it’s a good thing to have). It can also get you points at other schools. Also make sure to keep it current, they expire after 2 years.
Here is a local place that does really good CPR classes- http://criticalcaretraininginstitute.com

When should I get my CNA?
For SSU: It is not required to apply but it is a requirement for starting the program, CNA is a great way to get an idea of part of the nursing field. It also is a certification that is good for 2 years before it needs to be renewed, and it MUST be current for entrance into SSU’s program. If your CNA is going to expire, you must renew it. As far as when to get it, that’s really up to you as long as it is completed before starting the program.
For other schools: very few if any require CNA, but may schools give extra points if you have a CNA license, and there are also often even more points given for work experience. For this it is recommended to have your CNA completed before you apply so you can the extra points.

If I am a SSU student do I need to take speech to apply to other school?
YES! SSU combines A2 and A3 to cover the A1 category of speech, but other schools (namely the CSUs) do not recognize this as a speech course. In order to apply to the schools in October a speech course must either be completed or in progress that semester. This requirement can be met by Speech 1A at SRJC. Assist.org can also be used to find out what courses from other colleges meet the speech requirement.

Do I need Letter(s) of Recommendation?
For SSU: They are not required to have, but it can’t hurt to upload them. The process for getting a letter of recommendation onto NursingCAS is time consuming so it is recommended to begin this process fairly early.
For other schools: Each school varies on if they want letters or not and where they want these letters sent so be sure to look carefully and don’t be afraid to call and ask if you are confused, the nursing admissions offices are very friendly and helpful.

When and how many times should I take the TEAS?
Most people in the current nursing class took the TEAS for the first time around the middle to end of the Fall semester before they applied and then in the beginning of the spring semester if needed. SSU allows the TEAS to be taken an unlimited amount of times but other schools will only take the first 2 or 3 score you take so be mindful of that.

Do I need to apply to the CSU as well as the nursing program?
Yes, if you are applying to other CSU’s besides SSU remember to apply to the University as a transfer student in October before applying later in the year to the nursing school separately.