Honor Cords

CNSA Honor Cords Guidelines

(Graduation date December 2018 and beyond)


  • To honor students in SSNSA who have shown commitment and service in a 1 year time frame


  • Honor cords can be earned over the course of 1 year. The requirements must be met only ONCE to qualify.
    • Must be a current member of CNSA and the SSNSA
    • Must attend a minimum of 3 events per year
    • Must attend a minimum of 3 meetings per semester
      • Individual circumstances will be considered if a member has difficulty meeting the requirements. This is up to the discretion of the Vice President.
    • Point system
      • A total of 30 points is required to receive honor cords
      • 1 hour = 1 point
      • Each meeting attended counts as 1 point
      • Each hour spent volunteering at an event counts as 1 point
        • 3 hours spent at an event earns 3 points
      • 1 point will be given for CNSA membership

Honor Cord Distribution:

  • Students will not receive honor cords until ALL requirements have been satisfied.
  • Distribution will take place every Spring during SSNSA’s last meeting or by appointment with the Vice President.

Tracking Eligibility:

  • Nursing students will keep track of their volunteer hours on paper. You must submit a log of your hours to the Vice-President at the end of the semester in order for your hours to count. Please contact Ana (salazara@sonoma.edu) for more information.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to keep a log of their hours and check in regularly with the Vice President to ensure that their attendance is being credited properly.
    • See our Resources section for a printable Hours Log. 

Examples of Eligible Events:

Volunteering or attending the following events:

  • Big Night
  • Relay for Life
  • North Bay Discovery Day
  • Seawolf Decision Day
  • Sonoma Serves
  • SSU Club Fair
  • Blood Drive
  • CNSA Conference
  • HOSA
  • Mi Futuro
  • Expanding Your Horizons

These are only examples of eligible events. There are always more opportunities for students to earn volunteer credit!

Ask a Board member or check the SSNSA Facebook page for other eligible events.

If you have a suggestion for a future event, please contact Volunteer Coordinator ____ at _______.